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What are Champion Points Jump Points?

Champion Points are a system implemented in Elder Scrolls Online. They boost your character like crazy. When we compare a 0 CP vs a 600 CP setup your character will be twice as strong because you get so much benefits from this system. The first 400 Champion Points are easy obtainable, so it should not take too long to get to a decent amount. Some of the CP Perks scale up to 35%, some to 25% and some to 15%.

Jump Points

In Morrowind a lot has changed with Champion Points, they work more frontloaded now, which means the first few points you put into a CP Perk will give you way more benefits then the last ones, also called diminishing returns! So for example, when you look at a 25% CP Perk, you see the points 81 and 100. So if you put points somewhere inbetween those two numbers lets say 90 Points, then it will give you ZERO benefit. So you need to make sure to exactly allocate your CP according to those jumppoints!

What CP Perks do have Jump Points?

Most of the CP Perks are affected by those Jump Points, there is only a few exceptions like: Spell Erosion, Spell Shield, Piercing, Bashing Focus, Sprinter, Shade, Tumbling, Warlord and Shadow Ward that are not affected by the Jump Points.

Thanks to @Br1ckst0n on EU PC for testing all those Champion Points related things!